The freestore will be an app and media store similar to what is available on modern smartphones but for creative commons media and open source apps only. Initially released for electronic paper based e-readers as part of the fread operating system. At launch the plan is to only support fread apps and books, but to later expand into music and video and support other devices.

The first books are now available on the freestore!

Wonder's Through the Microscope (third edition) was published in the United Stated in 1938 and did not have its Copyright renewed and neither did the previous editions. The copyright has thus expired and the book is now in the public domain. The book was digitized by me and I hereby release these digitized versions into the public domain. Clearly written guide to observing and studying flowers and grasses, fish scales, moth and insect wings, egg cases, buds, feathers, seeds, leaf scars, moss, molds, ferns, common crystals, and more - all with an ordinary, inexpensive magnifying glass.